Ajay Beri Says You Should Try a Smoothie or Juice the Day after a Big Meal

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This week is Thanksgiving, which is a time when many people decide to put their guard down and overindulge. It makes sense as you are surrounded by food, and the food is so good. We’re talking about turkey, buttery mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffing, and, of course, pumpkin pie. Even the strictest dieter may have trouble sticking with their diet during Thanksgiving dinner.

Ajay Beri says you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you eat too much for one day. Ajay Beri is affiliated with a corporation called Jamba Juice, and Jamba Juice is famous for smoothies, juices, and other plant-based menu items that are not only tasty, but good for you as well. Ajay Beri chose a corporation like Jamba Juice to represent because he shares the same values for nutrition and well-being.

The truth is that you should eat healthy most of the time, but one big meal won’t ruin your diet. According to the National Institutes of Health, your bodyweight will remain stable if you eat plus or minus 600 calories on a day-to-day basis. The key is to not eat too much too often as this will lead to weight gain.  So if you get seconds for one meal, you should be okay.

However, if you overindulge the entire holiday season, that’s where the trouble can happen. That’s why Ajay Beri wants you to eat as healthy as you can throughout the year so the occasional overindulgence is no big deal. He may be biased because of the corporation he develops for, but Ajay Beri thinks adding more smoothies and juices in your daily diet is a good idea.

You will not only be more likely to get your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables; you will also not be eating the cookies, egg nog, and other high-sugar, caloric bombs that are a significant part of the holidays. Ajay Beri says that Jamba Juice offers a number of delicious smoothies of a variety of flavors. If you live in the Southeast Los Angeles area, you may want to try a chili mango smoothie, which Ajay Beri helped introduce. The sweetness of mango balances the heat of the hot pepper, making for a harmonious treat.

Whether you are traveling or hosting, Ajay Beri hopes each and every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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